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Why We Exist

woman on couchThe number of individuals impacted by career management and family building issues is staggering. A lack of insurance coverage for expenses associated with the family building process in most states coupled with a double-digit national unemployment rate, has created a situation where the basic dream of building a financially strong and sustainable life and family is becoming unviable.

The financial, psychological, and emotional toll these individuals experience often leads these individuals to extreme feelings of isolation, hopelessness, and despair. There are many reasons that Hiring For Hope was formed. Outlined below are a few of the main things that keep us up at night. Click the Statistical Summary Incidence Rates button below for more details.



The Dollars and Nonsense Of It All

DollarsThe average annual household income is around $50,000.00. 1 in 6 couples currently face challenges associated with infertility and 80 million Americans have considered adoption. The costs associated with burying your child, adopting, and/or using fertility treatments have skyrocketed.

  • Cost to bury your child: $8,000 – $10,000
  • Adoption or fertility treatments: $500–40,000 (depending on the type of fertility treatment needed or type of adoption that is pursued).

Most insurance companies in most states view fertility treatments as "elective procedures" and only 15 states currently have laws that require any sort of insurance coverage for this process. Because of these steep costs and the issues associated with insurance limitations, most will abandon their dreams of becoming parents.

  • Less than 2% of those who have considered adoption will ever even begin the process and only 1% will ever complete it.
  • The same depressing conclusion is reached by those exploring fertility treatments.


Family Building Process

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness and EducationBecause of the private and sometimes tragic nature of the issues surrounding pregnancy and infant loss, as well as the family building process in general, this topic is very rarely talked about openly. Unfortunately, because of this "silence" lives, relationships, and finances can be shattered, and pregnancies and lives can be needlessly lost, sometimes before they've barely had a chance to begin.

There is significant opportunity to improve the level of awareness, education, research and resources that are readily available to the average individual facing these life issues. Getting everyone to openly discuss this topic and share information and resources is a great start to saving lives. Following are some key statistics surrounding this topic:

  • 15-20% of all clinically recognized pregnancies end in miscarriage each year, so the likelihood of a miscarriage is fairly great. Yet many couples are still completely blindsided, stunned, and devastated when it happens to them.
  • Male infertility has been found to be the major cause of a couple's inability to conceive in 50% of childless couples. Most resources, fertility clinic applications, and infertility awareness campaigns are focused primarily on the female.
  • More than a half million babies (1 in 8) in the U.S. are born prematurely. An estimated $26 billion is spent on healthcare costs related to prematurity in the United States.
  • Nearly 2,500 babies a year are lost in the United States due to S.I.D.S. and nearly 30,000 babies are born sleeping. The number of silent births that occur worldwide each year jumps to more than 3.2 million/year.

Career Management Process

Education and Awareness for Job SeekersIt's no longer life as usual if you are trying to manage your career. Competition for jobs is fierce and unemployment figures are staggering. In response to an unpredictable economy, major advances in technology and an explosion in the use of social media, employers have changed the way they recruit and hire. Today, most employers' recruitment and hiring processes occur almost completely online.

For many job seekers, training has not kept up with these market changes. Many find themselves facing today's competitive job market without the proper tools, support, and knowledge that they need in order to maximize their chances of success. Unfortunately the cost associated with getting advice and assistance from a qualified career professional in order to bridge this knowledge gap can be more expensive than the average job seeker can afford.

Why we existIn addition, it can be very challenging for job seekers to assess whether those professionals providing career management advice and guidance are credible and trustworthy. Due to our high unemployment rates, many organizations have sprung up almost overnight with marketing strategies designed to prey on human emotions and take advantage of YOU. In the end, if you are not careful, you may lose much more than your job.

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