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Overview - Complete Career Management Center (CCMC)

At Hiring for Hope we’ve developed some new and innovative ways for you to manage, develop, explore, and maximize your career potential and job search process. Whether you are currently unemployed, underemployed, insecure in your current job, re-entering the workforce, entering it for the first time, exploring new possibilities, or already advanced in your career, you will find that our career management services will empower you with everything you need to be able to proactively manage your career, skill set, and job search in a thorough and supportive manner. Think of our job seeker services as your own personal

"Complete Career Management Center."

All of our job seeker services have been designed by senior level Human Resources and Operations executives who are experienced in making hiring decisions every day. We're the elusive and mystical "hiring manager" that's stepped out from behind the corporate curtain to help YOU. However, it is important for you to also know that they are all volunteers.  As such, someone from Hiring for Hope will contact you to speak in detail about your background and career interests only once we have identified a suitable position for you.


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