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Company Overview

Who We Are

Welcome to Hiring for Hope! We are glad that you have found us. We know that today's economic situation is proving to be a burden and a serious challenge for many.

Hiring for Hope is a grassroots, nationally recognized 501(c)3 public charity with an active presence in international social media and physical communities across the United States. Think of us as a Life Management Community (LMC) designed to help you manage and overcome all the obstacles associated with your family building and/or career management challenges.

Because of the overwhelming number of individuals impacted by these debilitating and highly prevalent life issues, it made sense to us to put all of the tools to handle them in one place. Especially since we have developed a new and innovative approach to managing and overcoming them that empowers and incentivizes everyone involved to help not only themselves, but each other as well!

Consequently, our services and programs span the spectrum of

  • Career and Family Building Management
  • Financial Assistance
  • Online Networking/Support
  • Workforce Solutions

As a member of the Hiring for Hope community, you have the opportunity to join a grassroots movement that is focused on reshaping the way people and organizations think, talk, act, and interact with each other. As a nationally recognized 501(c)3 public charity, altruistic behavior in our community is a priority and is incentivized, rewarded and celebrated.

You will find four main groups to interact with at Hiring for Hope:

  1. Like-minded people who have come together to pay-it-forward
  2. Qualified professionals and individuals who are altruistically helping others
  3. People who are seeking the help they need
  4. Employers/business partners that are interested in becoming a part of solving the unemployment and family building challenges facing our society

Our Team

Hiring for Hope is made up almost entirely of volunteers committed to our mission. Many of us have experienced firsthand one or more of the life events that our services are designed to support. In addition, we are Human Resources and Operations executives who are experienced in making hiring decisions every day. All of this makes us uniquely qualified to empathize, dispense advice, and provide support to each of the groups we serve. We are NOT trained medical professionals.


501(c)3 Tax-Exempt Public Charity