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Our Communications team is pleased to make this News Room available to you. How can we help you today? Our News Room is designed to help members of the media and the public acquire useful information that will help you learn more about us, and assist you with your ability to spread the word about our crucial mission as well as the services that we provide. Within this page you will find

  • Important news
  • Information about our organization
  • Press releases
  • Newsletters
  • Logos
  • Videos/slideshows
  • Statistics and incidence rates for the life issues we support.

The number of individuals and families impacted by career management and family building issues is growing every day. The financial, psychological and emotional toll that is experienced by those in need led to the formation of HFH. We welcome your comments and feedback on our Newsroom in order to more adequately serve your needs, and provide you with the kinds of materials that you might find helpful.

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