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Who We Serve

Our services cater to employers and populations affected by the following life circumstances:

1. Couples - Anyone who has experienced the loss of a child and/or is experiencing an obstacle to building their family

2. Job Seekers - Anyone who is in career transition and/or needs job placement assistance

3. Friends/Family - Anyone supporting a loved one who has lost a child; is experiencing an obstacle to building their family and/or is in career transition

4. Employers/Partners - Any organization that has a workforce challenge and/or would like to become a business partner with Hiring for Hope

Why These Groups?

A lack of insurance coverage for family building expenses in most states, coupled with a double-digit national unemployment rate, has created a situation where the basic dream of building a financially strong and sustainable life and family is becoming unviable.

In addition, the groups we serve share a common bond – one of isolation, loss, discouragement, and hopelessness. We believe, because of these commonalities, it makes sense to unite these highly motivated groups in a mutually beneficial networking relationship.

501(c)3 Tax-Exempt Public Charity