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At Hiring For Hope, our services for job seekers, couples, and their friends and family members are free, confidential, and compassionate. They simultaneously provide financial assistance, support, and career and family building management services to the populations served. In the process we also solve the workforce challenges of employers, and ease the emotional and psychological duress that is so commonly experienced by these groups during times of loss, crises, and transition.

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Overview Of Services

  • Brave Little Soul Grant Program – Provides hope and financial assistance to couples who have experienced a loss and/or obstacles to building a family
  • Brave Little Souls Memorial Playground – A virtual location for you to remember and memorialize your lost angel baby.
  • Voices of Hope Online Networking/Support Communities – Four separate free, safe, informative and supportive online communities with a robust selection of easy-to-use web 2.0 tools that link with many of the popular mainstream social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Career Angels Program – COMING SOON – Connects job seekers with an experienced, pre-screened human resources or career guidance professional to receive one-on-one assistance
  • Job Angels Program – A grassroots movement and employment networking program dedicated to bringing people together with a commitment to help just one other person find gainful employment
  • Launchpad Learning Center – A full-featured eLearning tool that lets individuals manage, develop, explore and maximize their career, skill set, job search, and learning objectives
  • Hiring Incentive Program – Individuals can earn referral fees by introducing us to new employers and job seekers
  • Talent Acquisition/Career Placement Services – We work nationally to connect job seekers and employers in all industry sectors and at levels of positions. Employers who use our Workforce Solutions Service can solve their workforce challenges at a rate below market average AND claim a portion of their costs as a tax write-off.
  • Business Partnerships for Hope Program – Organizations help us achieve our mission while positioning their business to benefit from aligning their strategies with a social cause.
  • Volunteers for Hope – Individuals can sharpen their skills and expand their network while volunteering with Hiring for Hope.



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