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Overview of Hiring Incentive Program

get moneyAs much as we would like to be able to provide financial assistance to everyone who contacts us, we realize that being able to actually achieve this would be an unrealistic goal. The number of individuals affected by career transition, the loss of a child, or experiencing an obstacle to building their families is staggering. 

With this in mind, we created our Hiring Incentive Program as a way to empower anyone over the age of 18 with an opportunity to earn money and regain control over the financial and life obstacles that are currently preventing them or a loved one from pursuing and achieving their dreams.  By working part or full time as an independent contractor in the role of a recruiter or account executive for us, you can use your contacts and networking skills to earn referral fees each time you refer us a new client or job seeker that results in a billable assignment. 

The fees collected from this networking relationship help us provide our free services and fund our grant program, and also provide you with an opportunity to earn some money.  It is possible that each time you contribute to an individual getting hired, you overcome your own financial obstacles, provide hope to someone else and make it possible for a Brave Little Soul Grant to be awarded to another couple.
If you would like to begin earning your way to overcoming your life obstacles, then click the Hiring Incentive Program Training button  to get a complete detailed overview of this program

Hiring Incentive Program Training

**Please note, viewing this short presentation and filling out the Training Acknowledgement Form that is contained within it are required before you can begin participating.

Training Acknowledgment Form


Marketing Brochures Hiring Incentive Program

Hiring Incentive Brochure

Hiring Incentive Brochure

Employers / Partners Brochure


How This Works

  1. Use your contacts to introduce and refer us to new clients that have hiring needs and persons in career transition.
  2. We’ll connect with you to review your referrals and work with you to set up a meeting with them.
  3. Your referred job seekers sign up through our website and lists you as the referring party.
  4. Once a client contacts us with an open position to be filled, our team uses the contacts in our national database and Voices of Hope social network to match/introduce the hiring needs of the employer with the skill sets of our job seekers. 
  5. Each time a successful job placement is made with one of our clients, we earn/collect a fee from the client for providing this service and you are also eligible to receive a portion of the fees earned.
  6. Fees collected from the above help us provide our free services/fund our grant program and provide you with an opportunity to earn $$.


Job Seeker Referral Fee Amounts


  1. Earn $100 for each of  the first 25 job seekers that you refer to us when they result in a billable assignment.
  2. Earn $200 for each subsequent job seeker over 25 that you refer to us when they result in a billable assignment.
  3. If your job seeker referral gets placed in multiple jobs, you receive multiple referral fees.


Client Referral Fee Amounts

make money

  1. Earn a referral fee of 5% of the net profits that are earned for each separate job placement that is made with your new client referral.
  2. If your client referral  fills multiple open positions with a Hiring for Hope job seeker, you earn multiple referral fees. 


Hiring Incentive Program Calculator


We invite you to "play" with our Hiring incentive Program Calculator to see how much money you can earn by simply referring your contacts to us.  

HIP Calculator

Instructions for Making Candidate and Client Referrals

ed francell Client Referrals - If you would like to refer a potential client  to us, please contact Ed Francell, our Director of Business Development by clicking the green button that says: Make A Client Referral.

Make a client referral

Job Seeker  Referrals- If you have candidates to refer to us, please have them click on the  green button below that says: Candidate Referral and make sure that you tell them to list you as the referring party, otherwise we will not be able to pay you a referral fee once they get placed in a position. 

If you are a job seeker candidate who has been referred to us by a participant in the Hiring Incentive Program, please click on the green button below that says: Candidate Referral and fill out the web form.  Please make sure to include the name and email address of the individual that referred you to us so that we can make sure they get their referral fee once you are placed in a position.  

Make a candidate referral

**The terms and conditions of this program are subject to change at any time.


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