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momsonRelatives and friends can also be personally impacted when their loved ones are dealing with career transition, the loss of a child, and/or experiencing obstacles to building their families. It is not uncommon for a friend or family member to feel guilty, depressed, hopeless, have a need to also grieve, and feel inadequate when tragedy strikes their loved one. 

This section of our website and the services and resources contained within are dedicated to assisting and equipping you with all the necessary tools and knowledge needed in order to help you through your own grieving and transition process. They are also aimed at providing you with the necessary wisdom and strength to be able to do and say the right things for your loved ones during a very difficult time. 

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Overview of Brave Little Soul Grant Program

asian familyOur Brave Little Soul Grant Program was created as a way to provide hope and financial assistance to couples who have experienced a loss and/or obstacles to building their families. Couples that meet our eligibility criteria may be awarded a grant on behalf of our Brave Little Soul, of up to $10,000. The number of grants awarded each year is contingent upon the amount of funding that is available. Our grant program is designed around the following philosophies:

  • Financial, medical, and/or insurance obstacles should not prevent a couple from realizing their dreams of building a family. 
  • Most insurance companies in most states view fertility treatments as elective procedures and do not provide any sort of insurance coverage for most major infertility treatments. This should not be a factor in determining whether a couple can realize their dreams of building a family.
  • A couple that has previously lost a child in womb should not have to again worry about their child's viability pre-term.   

There are three different types of Brave Little Soul Grants that may be awarded. They include the following:

  • Fertility Treatment - Couples experiencing financial, insurance and fertility obstacles to building their families
  • Adoption - Couples experiencing financial and medical obstacles and are considering/involved in the adoption process
  • At-home fetal monitoring through the Pregnancy Institute - Couples who have experienced the loss of an infant/small child for any reason and find themselves expecting again 


The Brave Little Soul Grant Process

mom & sonNOTE: We are not providing or accepting Brave Little Soul Grant Toolkits at this time. If you would like to be notified by us via email as soon as our grant application process begins, then please click the link below and fill out the short web form. Grant Toolkits will include all the information that is necessary to apply for a grant.

  • Individuals and couples interested in applying and learning more about our grant application process should click the green "Request a Grant Toolkit" button below.
  • The Grant Toolkit will be emailed to you so you will need to have a working and active email address.
  • Applicants should review and fill out our Grant Toolkit in its entirety before returning it to us for consideration.
  • Due to the volunteer nature of our organization, any questions regarding the Grant Toolkit should be sent via email to grants@hiringforhope.org
  • Grant recipients are selected by our volunteer Advisory Board on an annual basis, and will be notified of their award via email.
  • Individuals who do not qualify for a grant will also be notified of our decision via email. 
  • Hiring for Hope will work with each grant recipient in order to ensure that any costs that are incurred up to $10,000 are paid directly by us to that vendor. 

Request A Grant Toolkit


Voices of Hope Friends/Family Social Network

voices of hopeIs a free, safe, informative, and supportive virtual support group that is specifically designed for friends and family members that are supporting a loved one experiencing any of the life circumstances we serve.  In this network, you can connect and collaborate with other like-minded individuals, reduce feelings of isolation, and find inspiration, hope and moral support. As a member, you have the opportunity to join several different networking groups.  Through the use of several multi-media applications you can share your experiences, learn how to best support your loved one through their transition and/or crises, and find education and support for yourself as well. 


Functionality includes the following:

  1. Ability to control your desired level or privacy
  2. Ability to connect directly with your Facebook and Twitter accounts and manage all your social media activity in one place
  3. Customizable individual home page
  4. Text/video chat
  5. Email
  6. Upload and share photos/videos
  7. Listen to music
  8. Collaborate with other like-minded members by sharing documents and engaging in forum discussions
  9. Learn about new career opportunities
  10. Blog/journal
  11. Personal Fundraising/Event Coordination Pages through FirstGiving
  12. Give virtual gifts to your friends

For a detailed overview of the functionality available within Voices of Hope and a tutorial on how to use and leverage this tool most effectively for your individual needs to click the green "Learn More about Voices of Hope" button. Please make sure that you familiarize yourself with our Voices of Hope Community Guidelines by clicking the green button provided for this purpose below.

Learn More About Voices of Hope coming soon!

Voices of Hope Community Guidelines

Friends & Family

Brave Little Souls Memorial Playground

Brave Little Souls Memorial Playground A virtual location for you to remember and memorialize your lost angel baby. Just fill out the short web form, and then listen to the soothing music as you watch your little angel play in our Brave Little Souls Memorial Ocean Playground.

To enter the playground, simply click the wooden beach sign to the left.

Story of Brave Little Soul
View the Video of Our Brave Little Soul

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