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You’re not alone.  Whether you are trying to find your next job, next career, or make the best out of your current situation – there are others out there just like you within our Voices of Hope community. Our Voices of Hope is a free, safe, informative and supportive online support and networking community. It is a place for you to

  • 1. Participate in our world renowned JobAngels program
  • 2. Expand your network
  • 3. Find inspiration, hope and moral support
  • 4. Share and exchange experiences
  • 5. Impart your knowledge to others
  • 6. Share job leads, or resources
  • 7. Find and provide HOPE

Within Voices of Hope altruistic behavior amongst our members is heavily promoted, rewarded, and celebrated. It's important to be aware that this community environment is heavily monitored and its standards are protected at all times. For a complete overview of our Voices of Hope Community Guidelines click the green button below.

Once inside Voices of Hope you will find our job board, along with a robust selection of easy to use tools that will help you connect, collaborate, communicate and share with other like-minded individuals and qualified career professionals. Voices of Hope also connects and communicates directly with many of the popular mainstream social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, so expanding your network, helping someone out, and/or taking advantage of all the resources and opportunities is fun, fast, and easy. Within this community you will also find the members of our JobAngels Program interacting with each other. This innovative program is made up of four main groups:

  • 1. Like minded people who have come together to pay-it-forward
  • 2. Career professionals and individuals who are dedicated to altruistically helping others
  • 3. People who are seeking the help they need
  • 4. Employers/business partners that are interested in becoming a part of solving the unemployment challenges facing our society

For a detailed demonstration of all that Voices of Hope has to offer and become a member, click the corresponding green buttons found below.


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