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If you think that your career management strategy could benefit from some good old fashioned one-on-one human interaction then consider signing up to work with one of our certified volunteer Career Angels. Our Career Angels program is a simple way for you to connect in person with one of our experienced, pre-screened, human resources/career professionals from across the country. These individuals volunteer their time, talents, knowledge and contacts to help you sift through all the career transition “noise” by providing you with complimentary one-on-one career advice, tools, resources, support, and career opportunities.

Complimentary 1-on-1 Career Coaching

Our Career Angels use many of the job seeker tools that are found in our Launchpad Learning Center as well as our Voices of Hope network to assist you. Consequently, to begin taking advantage of this opportunity, our staff will need to verify that you have completed at least two of the e-learning workshops contained in our Career Transition Toolkit before connecting you with a Career Angel. These workshops are all located inside our Launchpad Learning Center. It’s important to make sure that you have done this prior to submitting a request for your own personal Career Angel.

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