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If you are looking for a way to launch your career into high gear then take advantage of all that our Launchpad Learning Center (LPLC) has to offer. Through our learning center, you have an opportunity to manage, develop, explore, and maximize your career, skill set, and job search by:

  • Honing/refining existing skills, knowledge, behaviors
  • Optimizing your talents, potential, and performance
  • Preparing for new opportunities
  • Exploring/discovering new possibilities

Launchpad is a full featured e-learning training tool, built on an award winning web-based educational platform that gives you a consistent, personalized, and positive experience each time you interact with it. Not only does Launchpad accommodate our large, diverse, and geographically dispersed community of learners, but it also delivers a tailored-made training experience to you.

Once inside, you will find a complete library of all 100 of our Career Transition Toolkit and Leadership Success Tools workshops. To view our complete Launchpad Course Catalog and or User Guide click the green button below.

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Leadership Success Tools

If you are questioning your current career path, want to explore new possibilities, build a brighter future, or just want to learn more about yourself, then our Leadership Success Tools are for you. These tools include a set of 80 different e-learning courses that empower you with the ability to realize and achieve the total value and potential of your career, and set yourself up to become an effective leader in any field. Our Leadership Success Tools include courses on subjects such as Project Management, Meeting Facilitation, Change Management, Coaching Skills, Conflict Management, and many more.

Career Transition Toolkit

Our Career Transition Toolkit contains eight different workshops. Each of which includes a Training Information Points for Success (T.I.P.S.) sheet that summarizes the takeaways from that workshop. Our Career Transition Toolkit is designed to provide HOPE for all job seekers by equipping them with the necessary support, resources, tools, and knowledge to successfully navigate the entire career transition process.


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