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Hiring for Hope has been honored to be featured on many national and global news outlets, which has helped us fulfill our mission. Through the kind generosity of these media outlets we have been able to spread our message of hope for those among us coping with the obstacles and stress associated with the career management and family building processes.

Is There 'Hope' For Job Seekers

Fox News
Fox National Business News - Giving Job Seekers 'Hope' in a Weak Labor Market

US News-logo
U.S. News and World Report - Resources for Struggling Job Seekers

Business Insider-logo
Business Insider - Keep Your Job Search Hope Alive with 'Hiring for Hope'

AXcess News-logo
AXcess News - Keep Your Job Search Hope Alive with Hiring for Hope

Atlanta Journal Constitution - Grass-roots 'Angels' help connect seekers, jobs

CNN - Unemployed 'Tweet' for Work

wall street journal
Wall Street Journal - Strangers Lend a Hand to Job Seekers

new york times
New York Times - Putting Yourself Out There on a Shelf to Buy

Forbes.com - The Volunteer Organization that Find You a Job

Los Angeles Times - With JobAngels and JobShouts, Twitter helps jobless find work

NBC Affiliate WXIA | Atlanta, GA - Job Seekers Get Help from 'Job Angels'

National Public Radio - Job Hunting with the Kindness of Strangers

Trends and Resources for Job Seekers
by Miriam Salpeter from (Founder Keppie Careers, September 22, 2011)

Got Wings? Become a Career Angel
by Alison Doyle ( Job Search Expert at About.com, June 24, 2011)

"Happy Anniversay, JobAngels!"
by Alison Doyle (Alison Doyle, 01/29/2010)

"JobAngels, StarFish And Making A Difference"
by Chandlee Bryan (Emerging Professional, 01/20/2010)

"Every So Often, Ones' Faith In Humankind Is Rekindled (with Charee Klimek)"
by Peter Clayton (Total Pictures Radio, 12/30/2009)

"Take The Next Leap In Your Career: Mark Stelzner of JobAngels and Jason Seiden"
by Mary Ellen slayter (SmartBlogs, 11/25/2009)

"How Mark Cummuta Got A Job Through JobAngels & Twitter"
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"How To Do Good On Twitter: JobAngels"
by Josh Catone (Mashable, 09/01/2009)

"Looking For A Job? Look to JobAngels (with Deirdre Honner)"
by WoodTV (YouTube, 07/09/2009)

"Happy News About The Recession: 5 Good Things About Hard Times"
by Kathryn Hawkins (Gimundo, 05/19/2009)

"Job 'Angels' Look After Victims Of Downturn"
by Ed Frauenheim (WorkForce Management, 05/07/2009)

"People Helping People: @JobAngels"
by Jean Levasseur (America's Job Exchange, 04/24/2009)

"JobAngels: The Volunteer Organization That Helps Find You A Job"
by Tara Weiss (Forbes, 04/17/2009)

"Four Ways To Find A Job Using JobAngels"
by Margaret Hansen (Jobs In CT, April 2009)

"JobAngels: Twitter For A Social Cause (part 3)"
by Vicky H (Remarkable Parents, 04/09/2009)

"JobAngels: Helping The Jobless, One Tweet At A Time"
by Vanessa Dennis (Recruiting Fly, 02/24/2009)

"JobAngels: A Twitter Phenomenon Helps Job Seekers"
by Miriam Salpeter (Keppie Careers, 02/16/2009)

"JobAngels Twitters A Recruiter Revolution"
by John Zappa (ERE, 02/11/2009)

by Alison Doyle (About.com, 02/09/2009)

"Twitter And JobAngels - The Beginning of Something Big"
by Jason C Blais (TalentBar, 01/29/2009)

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